Our Purpose

To turn a health and environmental problem into a natural resource that combats climate change. 

We see climate change everywhere we look, in the news and in our own yards. From melting glaciers and rising sea levels to changing weather patterns and extinction, the call to climate action is clear. Where do you start with climate action? Why not your own yard?


Native ecosystems are negatively impacted by chemical use and overdevelopment characteristic of grass lawns.


For many Americans, lawns offer a means of primary interaction with the environment. But gas-powered lawn tools, fertilizers, and weed killers contribute to carbon and chemical pollution. 


Making our yards as eco-friendly and hospitable to wildlife as possible can have macro-level impacts if we introduce native perennial gardens, low-maintenance xeriscapes, and native plant meadows to our lawns. Instead of using lawnmowers, pesticides, and gallons of water to preserve boring, useless grass; you can introduce native plants to your yard to create needed habitats for native wildlife while creating less work for yourself in the long run!

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